Thanks to Melissa from the Senior Springer Rescue for sending over this amazing video of Donny the Doberman! Have you guys seen this yet? I think you will love it! What a fantastic reminder of the abilities and thoughfulness of our beloved, sentient furry friends.

My husband and I were blown away. I even teared up! What's Donny trying to say... any opinions? Take care friends!



Good morning friends! I just came across this video from CNN and had to share it. This amazing pit bull rescued its unconscious owner from an oncoming train. Another example of the special bond between humans and dogs. Plus, I'm a little biased since she looks just like my pit bull mix, Haji! Look at her sweet, sweet face.

I hope you enjoy it, I know I shed a tear or two!



     Hello! Welcome to our newly designed website. Wow, my first blog entry... where to begin?

     My name is Stacey and I am the proud owner of Paws Pet Services. It makes me smile just typing that. I've been around animals my entire life but to be able to work with them on a daily basis, I think it may be my nirvana. Yesterday I was chatting with an old friend that happens to be a veterinarian and she said, "Wow, you get the fun part." It's true! Growing up there were so many reasons I didn't become a veterinarian. Euthanize someones pet? No way! See abused animals and have to send them home with their abusers? No way! So this career I've chosen really does suit me well. I'm able to bring my sincere compassion and empathy toward animals and make them feel loved and joyful while their owners are away. Bliss!

     I'll take a moment to introduce myself. I have lived in Las Vegas since I was a young girl, and wow how things have changed around here. I'm an outside girl! I love to spend my free time out at Red Rocks hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing with my beloved husband and our fiercely adorable dogs. My favorite day of the week is Monday! Yes, the day most people dread is the day I adore. On Mondays I volunteer at the Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary. I get to help care for the most amazing birds, burro, goats, chickens... you name it.

     I'll tell you about my newest love... his name is Logan. He is a Senegal parrot that resides at the Gilcrease. Logan is meek but highly intelligent. This week, when he thought no one was watching him, I caught him dipping his almond shell into his water bowl and using it as a cup... over and over. My eyes were wide and my smile was huge. I have never underestimated the intelligence of a parrot but until I started at the Gilcrease I had no idea how diverse and individual each one truly is. I'm smitten.

     Are you planning on attending Pet-a-Palooza this year? I am! I will be volunteering with the Senior Spaniel Rescue group. We will be taking funny photos of pets with their head looking through a cut-out with a painted background, like you see at a carnival or something. Very cute! Stop by and say "hi!" I would love to meet you and your furry friends! Pet-a-palooza is on April 21st, from 10am – 6pm at Star Nursery Fields at Sam Boyd Stadium, 7000 Russell Rd.

     Well, since this is my first entry I will end by saying thank you for your support. Keep an eye out... I will be blogging often to keep our clients up to date on pet health, funny stories and upcoming events.

All my best,




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